What if charges are dropped?

On average, about half a million individuals are sitting in jail awaiting trial. These individuals were either denied bail.

Before paying bail, it’s important to ask: do you get bail money back if charges are dropped?

Keep reading to get the answer.

I’m Innocent: Do You Get Bail Money Back If Charges Are Dropped?

Your first priority after getting arrested will be getting yourself out of jail. A judge will preside over your first hearing. He will announce the cash amount you’ll need to produce to get released.

Now what? Your options are:

  • Remain in jail until your hearing
  • Pay the full cash bail amount
  • Hire a bail bondsman and pay a percentage of the bail

Before making this decision, you’ll likely ask yourself: do you get bail money back if innocent?

I Hired a Bail Bondsmen. What Now?

In Las Vegas, bail bondsmen can act as a middleman between you and the jail. Instead of paying the full cash amount of bail, bondsmen can offer a surety bond.

This means that you can pay only a percentage of your bail and still get released. When this happens, do you get bail money back?

Keep in mind that a full bail bond refund won’t be possible, even if you’re later found to be innocent. The bondsman keeps his fee.

In general, bondsman fees are according to Nevada State Law of 15% of the full bail amount. This is for:

In exchange for these fees, bondsmen become liable for the full bail, and you only have to pay a percentage.

Who Will Release My Bail Money?

Once you’re exonerated when it is a Cash Bail, it can be a big relief, but getting bond money back is a long process.

After your court proceedings, it’s likely you won’t get instructions on how to get your bond money back. You’ll only be eligible when you’re acquitted or your charges got dropped.

If you’re eligible, then the City Finance Department issues an automatic bail refund.

First, you’ll have to wait until this office gets the proper documentation from the court. Then, the refund process will begin. You’ll receive a check in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks.

Keep a record of the date your case ended. If you haven’t gotten your refund within six weeks, then contact your courtroom. They should be able to give you more information.

Getting Your Bail Money Back

When you’re accused of a crime, you have a right to post bail and get released from jail. Do you get bail money back if charges are dropped? In short, yes, but if you paid it to the Court it could take weeks to recover the funds.

This bail or jail system isn’t ideal, but bondsmen can help you when you’re stuck in this situation.

If you or a loved one needs help with bail, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Aguayo Bail Bondsman agents today.

Where does the refund for a bond come from?

When it comes to where does the cash bond refund come from. When putting up a cash bond for a defendant, it is in the best interest for the defendant to abide to the all the hearings/trial. Monies will be paid back through the courts. Hold on to any receipt you have received from the Clerk’s Office.

When the defendant is not guilty then monies will be returned. If the defendant is found guilty and has shown up to all the hearings/trial, monies will be returned at sentencing.

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