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How Does A Bail Bond Work?

Bail can be paid in cash, or they can contact a Bail Agent. Aguayo Bail Bonds acts as insurance between the defendant and the court.

What Counts As Collateral?

Collateral can take many forms, including Homes, Jewelry, or Vehicles.

If the defendant fails to appear when scheduled, the Court or Bail Bond company can seize or collect the Collateral.


Is My Money Returned To Me?

If Cash has been paid in the full bail amount, that money will be returned when the defendant makes all court appearances. 

If the defendant fails to appear in court when scheduled, the Bail Amount will be forfeited. 

How Long Does A Bail Bond Last?

Generally, a Bond is good for the duration of a case.

If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bond is forfeited. It’s then up to the Bondsman to decide whether they’re willing to reinstate the bond. The defendant will eventually have to show up to their court appearances.

Look at your contract to find the details of your bond.


Who Is Liable For The Bond?

Family or Friends who co-sign are fully responsible for Bond.

If collateral has been used for the bond, those items will be seizedn if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. In the case that a home has been used for collateral, that home will be foreclosed.

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