Clark County Detention Center: A Brief Outline

Clark County Detention Center (CCCD)

Is a detention center in Las Vegas, Nevada for the inmates who have been arrested in the patrol area of the Clark County Metropolitan Police Department. Inmates are generally referred to the accused or the prisoner. The prisoners who flee from jail and are found roaming in the patrol area of the cops outside Las Vegas City are arrested and put for detention in the Clark County Detention Center.

The misdemeanors are generally an exception because they are reported to the Las Vegas police station and they maintain their own jail. The misdemeanors that are referred to as the exception for detention under the CCDC include: vandalism, trespass, mild assault, reckless driving, small thefts, prostitution and firearm discharge within a city. Misdemeanors are punishable offence and most of them are punishable by fine.

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Clark County Detention Center

CCDC and It’s Features

CCDC has certain features for the housed inmates and for their family members. The following describes well about the features provided by Clark County Detention Center of Clark County, Las Vegas.

  • CCDC allows up to $200 funds for the inmates against a small transaction fee for both cash and credit/debit transactions. The transaction fee varies in accord with the amount to be funded.
  • Money Orders for inmates is also entertained having a proper envelope bearing details of the inmate mailed to CCDC’s address.
  • Inmate mail can also be sent on the CCDC mentioning inmate name, inmate ID and the address of the recipient.
  • Inmates are allowed to post for their bail taking help from their family members or acquaintances against a fee of $50 for pre trial bail and $40 for Justice Court bail.
  • Inmates can be called against some minimum call fee.
  • CCDC provides full support for online inmate search.

Where is CCDC located?    

In Las Vegas, Nevada, if someone gets arrested, they will most likely be held in custody at the Las Vegas jail facility known as the Clark County Detention Center or the CCDC. CCDC is the largest jail facility in the greater Las Vegas area and is located at 330 South Casino Center Drive. Most arrestees in Las Vegas are transported and booked into the CCDC Las Vegas facility. If you looking for a friend that has been arrested, you can locate them by utilizing the CCDC inmate search tool.

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