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What is Bail Bonds?
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What is a Bail Bond?

If you or your loved one has been convicted for a criminal offense, you have perhaps come across the term bail bonds. But what is a bail bond and how does it work? In the simplest terms, a bail bond can be defined as an agreement whereby an individual convicted of a felony agrees to appear before the court for trial or pay an amount as decided by the court. The bond is usually co-signed (guaranteed) by a bail bonds professional. This bail bondsman agrees to defend the convicted individual in lieu of a small fee.

In other words, a bail bond is a kind of surety bond. The commercial system of bail bonds can only be found in the United States and the Philippines. In many other countries, bail involves some specific restrictions and conditions placed on the criminal defendant in lieu of their release till their date of trial.


Aguayo Bail Bonds of Las Vegas, Nevada


How Does Las Vegas Bail Bonds Work?


Las Vegas bail bonds work the same way as bail bonds in most other US states. The person convicted of a crime is offered bail hearing to a certain judge. The bail amount is decided as per the discretion of the judge. Here, the judge can either deny the bail or set it at an exorbitant amount if the convict in question is charged for a violent crime or it appears like a flight risk.

As we already mentioned, judges have the complete latitude in setting this bail amount which also varies depending on the jurisdiction. Defendants charged with non-violent crimes, for instance, can get their bail set at a fairly smaller amount ranging from $500 to $1,000. At the same time, felony charges come with a higher bail ranging from $20,000 to $30,000. That said, this amount as we already mentioned, will vary as per the jurisdiction and the state.

After the amount is decided by the judge, the defendant will have to stay in jail until the charges against him are resolved/absolved during his trial. Here, he can arrange a bail bond and pay the full amount until his case is completely resolved. For the very last instance, courts in certain selected jurisdictions might accept home, property, or any other valuable asset as collateral if the defendant doesn’t have enough cash.

Bail bondsmen, also known as the bail bond agents offer a written agreement to the criminal court about paying the bail on their behalf, if the defendant they had guaranteed for, does not appear on the pre-decided date of trial.

These professionals usually charge 10% to 15% of the bail amount, in lieu of their services. In some cases, they can also charge added fees. In the United States, certain states have capped this amount at 8%. However, Las Vegas, Nevada, has a 15% standard.

While consulting a bail bond agent, they might require some statement of creditworthiness. Alternatively, they might also demand the defendant to turn in some collateral in the form of their property or any other valuable asset. Most bail bondsmen in Las Vegas, NV accept almost every valuable property including your car, house, jewelry, stock or bond.


How Much Will it Cost to Get a Bail Bond in Nevada?

As per the jurisdiction and law of Nevada, the cost of your Bail Bond stands at 15%. There are also additional charges that you might have to pay in this regard. That said, it is important to note that there are indeed some occasions, where the bail bond professionals issue their customers a small amount of credit for working with them during their financial hardships. As with any other norm, this law and fee are likely to vary depending on your jurisdiction and the bail bondsman you have chosen.


Bail Bonds

What Happens When the Convict Misses a Court Date?

If the convicted individual is likely to miss their date of trial for any unforeseen reason, you should consult the bail bondsman in Nevada immediately. These professionals usually have the requisite information that will allow you to get the bond reinstated. Being reliable and highly professional in their duties, the bail bond experts of Las Vegas are driven by the sole objective to help you get out of jail and keep you out of it as long as possible during your court proceedings.

Remember, if you end up missing a court date, the court will immediately issue a certain bench warrant for your immediate arrest. As per the jurisdiction of your state or county, your court will also have the authority to offer full authorization to the bail agency for getting you arrested with immediate effect. If you haven’t informed the bail agency about your imminent absence, they will hire a bounty hunter who is responsible for apprehending the fugitive. This is why it is imperative to notify both the bail agency and the court of law about your impending absence.


How to Locate a Convict in Las Vegas, Nevada?

If your loved one has been convicted of a crime, and you are looking to locate their whereabouts, the bail bonds agents at Las Vegas, Nevada will come in your aid. These professionals usually have the necessary resources for conducting a thorough search of the inmates. Their inmate search tool is indeed a nifty device to track any and every inmate in their jurisdiction. So, if you are looking to locate an inmate in Las Vegas, NV, you should consult these bail bondsmen immediately.


What Are The Responsibilities of the Convicted Party?

In almost every case, the defendant is released from the jail within a short period, after you have completed the transaction with the Las Vegas bail bonds professional. After getting released, the defendant will have to attend the required court dates as arranged by the judge. Additionally, he will also have to follow any other instruction as provided by the bail bond agent. If the defendant fails to adhere to these conditions, the agent has the discretion to take the entire amount of bail which will eventually result in the defendant going back to the jail. After the completion of your court trial, you won’t be held with your bail bond even in the event of you being found guilty.


How Will I Know About the Status of my Bail Bond Terms?

Throughout the bail process, you will be offered complete insight into the status of your bail bond. When you appear before the court of law for your trial, the judge will assess the proceedings and will eventually exonerate you of your crimes if not found guilty. This will be done before the court, and after this point, the terms of your bail bond won’t be active anymore.

How Long Will it Take to Process Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, NV?

When you consult a bail bond expert in Las Vegas, NV, you can expect a speedy trial. Usually, the paperwork involved in getting your bail processed will take around 15 to 30 minutes. After that, the time taken for getting you released from jail will vary between 3 to 12 hours. This, however, is completely dependent on your local police station and the overall booking process. Bail Bond agents at Las Vegas, NV are available 24X7. So, you can always reach out to them in the event of any query. These professionals will readily address your issues and concerns about the process of bail.


What are The Types of Bail Bond in Las Vegas, NV?

As with any other state in the US, Las Vegas, NV has some specific kinds of bail bonds. Here, the bonds can be broadly categorized as property bonds, cash bonds, and surety bond. Property bonds are the kind of bonds where the convicted individual needs to pledge his property as the bail amount for ensuring collateral.

If the individual fails to appear before the court, the state can immediately levy or even force a foreclosure on this property in question for recovering the bail amount. Also known as cash-only bail, this is the kind of bail where cash is provided to the court for getting the required bail amount.

Here, the court has full discretion to hold the given amount until the individual appears before the court on the scheduled date. This cash will be immediately returned after the convict appears before the court of law. Finally, there is a surety bond. This is the kind of bond that is availed by individuals who are going through a financial crunch. If the convicted felon can’t afford the entire amount of bail, he will require a third party or any bail bond agency for securing the bail.


What is Collateral?

While this is usually not needed, collateral is best defined as the security offered by the defendant in order to secure his bail bond. This security can eventually be liquidated or even cashed when the felon in question doesn’t show up before the court for his impending trial.

If the defendant fails to appear before the court, bail companies usually have around six months for getting them right as per the system. In other events, they might have to pay the entire value of this bond. Since this gets expensive quite soon, some bail agencies take collateral for securing the presence of the defendant before the court.

If someone doesn’t show up before the court and the bail company too isn’t able to locate them, the company will have full discretion to liquidate the given collateral in 6 months. The amount will be used for paying the face value of the court. Alternatively, when the defendant is done with his business before the court, and he is fully exonerated, the collateral can be immediately refunded. Any form of cash, bonds, stocks, and property will be deemed collateral.

Will I Get My Funds Back?

In Las Vegas, as well as in other parts of Nevada, all bail bond companies will charge you 15% of the bail amount. This amount is fixed, and since this is a fee for facilitating the process of the bail, you won’t be able to get these funds back.

If, however, you posted for cash bail, whereby you didn’t avail the service of bail bond experts and directly went to the jail for posting the entire amount, you will get your funds back, within 90 days after the convicted individual you bailed manages to clear every relevant issue and is eventually exonerated by the court.

Here, you might have posted the cash as your collateral, deeming the person you have bailed clears every relevant thing so that you get your money in due course.


Bail Bond
Why Should You Get a Bail Bond?

If you or your loved one has been convicted of a crime, it is imperative to get a bail bond immediately. There are several reasons as to why this move is useful. First, when you consult a bail bond company, you will get in touch with a bail bond agent who has the required experience of handling the process.

Getting into jail can be overwhelming and the court proceedings and subsequent paperwork is a task, especially if you are not familiar with it. Since bail bond experts have been handling such cases for ages, they will take up your issue, get the paperwork done and guide you through the entire ordeal. Next, being experts in their field bail bondsmen can also speed up the release of the convict in question. They will consult the judges and implement the best practices, for getting the convicted individual quickly released.

Finally, when you consult bail bond professionals, you get to enjoy full privacy. The process is under your control and none of your personal details are compromised.


Who to Contact?

Now that you are fully aware of what bail bonds are and how they actually work, get a good bond from a professional agency to ensure the release of your loved one from jail at the earliest. For any additional queries about the bail bond process, you can always reach out to these experts for complete insight. They will not just address your queries but also ensure that you handle the process with minimum hassle.

Clark County Bail Bonds

Clark County Bail Bonds

Our Bondsmen are licensed to work all throughout the Clark County area. Below is list of area that we travel to.

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Nye County Bail Bonds

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