The Basics of a Bail Bond

Bail Bonds can be termed as the revolutionary step to get a bail if stuck behind the bars. Earlier there was a lack of proper bail bond agencies but to ease out the pain there has been a steep rise in the surety agencies. To know about a bail bond, first you need to know what a bail is. A bail is a permission from the judiciary to the defendant or the accused to get released from the jail against some amount decided by the court and judiciary recognized documents. Now let us know what bail bonds are in the next segment.

Bail Bonds: An Introduction

Bail Bond

A bail bond is a contract issued by the Surety Companies which is duly signed by the bondsman and the defender clearly stating that the company guarantees the presence of the defender before the court on all scheduled dates of hearing after being released against the bail. Bail is chargeable both by the company and the court in either collateral or cash respectively.

Bail Bond Cost

The bondsman charges per state of Nevada, 15% of the bail amount if the bail amounts over $1000. The rest 85% has to be paid to the court as collateral. For security purpose, the surety company will pledge collateral equal to the value of 90%. In case there is any liability, the company has to clear them which they do by handing over the defender’s collateral.

If the court releases the defender from the crime, the 85% of the bail amount can be claimed and the bail bonds get dissolved and the rest 15% will be the bondman’s fee which remains non-returnable. In case the defender is unable to provide collateral to the surety company, the company will reach out to his/her friends and family.

Some countries do not permit bail bond agents though there are bail bonds.

Clark County Bail Bonds

Clark County Bail Bonds

Our Bondsmen are licensed to work all throughout the Clark County area. Below is list of area that we travel to.

Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Boudler City, NV
Laughlin, NV
Mesquite, NV
Nye County Bail Bonds

Nye County Bail Bonds

The Aguayo’s have been working in Nye County for many years providing Bail Bonds services to the community in their time of need. Below is a list of places for Nye County Bonds.

Pahrump, NV
Beatty, NV
Tonapah, NV