Surety Bonds and its application in Las Vegas


Before understanding the application of bonds let’s understand the basic concepts of Surety Bonds. A surety bond is basically the contract between the three parties the Surety (Us) the Principal (You) and the obligee (the Entity requiring the Bond). In which the Surety financially guarantees to an oblige that the principal will act as per the rules laid down by the bonds. In Las Vegas, each state has its own bail bond system. It gives someone the opportunity to get out from the Jail If they have been provided with different bail options. But the main principals remain the same for each and every bail options. Basically, bail bonds or Surety bonds all types of businesses and individuals in Las Vegas.   

There are several benefits associated with the bail bonds. Different states provide different forms of bail options but main principals remain same in every system. If you are charged with any sorts of crime in the state then this bail bond can prove to be very effective.    

Why you need to choose a bail bond?    

Think of a scenario that if your loved ones is in Jail and you want to help them then the best option in this regard is to opt for surety bonds in Las Vegas. With the help of Surety bonds you need to pay the premium. This generally stands for 15{2ee6b8d0b3a3c2cd27f975da52273189ab4b287f0123d142791a9ace77c63184} of the bail. By paying this premium amount you can easily release your near ones from the Jail. Hiring a bail bondsman is an advantage. The reason being you don’t have to worry about the money being used towards the defendant court fees and fines.


How the Las Vegas bail bonds work?    

Nobody wants to get behind the bars. In most cases the only way to get out of the jail is to put up some money in the post bail. A surety is a person who posts defendant’s bail and makes it sure that the defendant’s attend the court as and when required until and unless the case is over. Likewise a surety has to make sure that the defendant is following any conditions of release or not.  


Different methods by which surety bonds work  

To put it simply they try to guarantee that specific tasks are fulfilled. In this case, it is important to bring the three parties together in a mutual and legally binding contract.

So let’s explore the facts that which are the three parties in this case who must be involved in this case.

  1. The first party who is involved in this case is the principal or the business that purchases bond to guarantee future work performances.
  2. The oblige is basically the entity that requires the bond. Obligees are typically government agencies who are working in order to regulate industries and to reduce the chances of financial loss.
  3. The Surety is basically the insurance company that backs the bond. The surety provides the line of credit in case the principal fails to fulfill the task.          

One of the important things in this regard, is that the oblige can easily claim to recover the losses if the principal is unable to fulfill the task. In this case the claim must be valid in nature and the company can pay the reparation that should not exceed the bond amount. In this case the underwriters will then expect the principal to reimburse them for getting any sort of claims.

The bail bonds in Las Vegas are of two types basically they are categorized in two important manners first is the cash bond and second is the bail bond.    


Cash vs Surety bonds  

There may be certain situation that may arise in your life where you have to worry about getting yourself and your other loved ones out of the jail. Sometimes it may result in simple arrest or false accident. In either of the way no one wants to stay inside the jail. So, there are options where the defendant can secure the release by either paying the entire amount upfront or by making a contact with the bail bonds man. To put up the money up.  

So let’s explore the facts that where lies the difference of payment and nature of cash bonds and Bail bonds.  


Mode of initial payment between this two bonds

The primary amount that an individual has to pay for cash bonds and surety bonds differs by huge margin. If an individual decides to bail someone using cash bonds then they have to pay the entire face value of the money that is demanded by the court before an inmate can leave. As for example if the court charges for $50000 then the defendant must pay the entire amount upfront only then the inmate can be released from the jail.  

On the other hand the Surety bonds works in a different manner. On the other hand this surety bonds road is usually the most usual road taken to release someone from the jail. Most of the time people don’t have the enough money available to post a cash bond. Even if they do arrange for the cash bonds they will not get the clear idea for how long their money will be over before the case is over. In Las Vegas a bail bondsman can issue the surety bonds to make the arrangement for the initial release from the jail. These can be of mere fee of 15 percent of the entire amount. Hence if the charged amount is $ 50000 then he or she can pay $ 7500 to get the bail from the jail. This fee is non refundable once the bond is posted and no other money has to be exchanged in this case.  


Nature of risk involved in this case   

There are certain inherent risks for securing someone’s bond. There are always chances that the defendant may run away and may not return to the court. In such a scenario the person who has signed of the bail amount is liable to pay the full bail bonds amount.  

On the contrary in case of Surety bonds if the defendant runs away then the bail bonds man first course is to locate the defendant and bring them back in-front of the judge. This can be accomplished with the help of a co-signer or a fugitive recovery agent. In this case if they are unsuccessful the bail agent may sue for the bond amount and whatever collateral are required as an intermediary.   

Now let’s get some of the basic insights that how bail bonds basically works.  


Surety Bonds   

A surety bonds is also known as the bail bonds. These types of surety bonds can be used for any types of bail. But, is especially considered to be very useful if the accused cannot pay his or her bail. This type of bail involves friend or relative of the accused contacting the bail agent also known as the bail bondsman. In Las Vegas the bail agents are backed by special types of insurance agents who are popularly known as pledges who will pay the full amount of the bonds. If the accused does not appear in the court or any such discrepancies occur.  


Release on Citation      

In some cases the officer will not book the suspect on the contrary will issue citation by saying that the accused must appear in the court. While on the other hand this process is less through than taking the suspect to the police station for doing a formal booking procedure. This allows the officers to focus on catching more serious offenders.     

Release on personal recognizance  

The concept here is that the judge may also choose to release the suspect. It means that he or she is responsible for paying up the court dates so that he does not have to pay the bail. Personal recognizance is only allowed when the charge involves the relative minor and the nonviolent crime and the defendant is not considered as danger to anyone else to fight the risk.   This will not allow the defendant to flee and to not appear in the time of the court date.



Property Bonds 

Sometimes the defendant in place of money provides his property to act as a bond. In such cases the court can get the lien which is also known as the legal claim. On the property on the amount of bail amount. If the defendant does not show off for the appearances in the court the court can take over the property for recovering the forfeited amount.

Property Bonds by Aguayo Bail Bonds of Las Vegas
Hence, these above points clearly highlights the points that how court can forfeit the amount of bail amount in Las Vegas. In such a scenario the Las Vegas bail bonds can prove to be effective for getting the bail from the court and release your near ones from such an awkward situations. This why bail bonds are mostly used these days in Las Vegas to safe guard the rights of your dear ones from the stringent situation.


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